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might as well jump.

2 weeks ago I began an adventure.

2 weeks ago I did something that I thought I never could.

2 weeks ago I left my comfortable full time job. I quit the 9-5. I quit the steady paycheck. I quit the job I started as a fresh high school graduate that offered me nowhere to move but up. I quit the potential and opportunities.

Whenever you leave something, you are moving towards something else. It may be something better, it may be something worse, but there’s always SOMETHING.

I moved towards sweet little girls who are absolutely horse crazy.

I moved towards my passion for camp ministry.

I moved towards my desire to be an entrepreneur.

I moved to the position of those who led me closer to Christ, on the back of a horse.

I moved into the place where God intended me to be, a life of ministry.

It’s scary, it’s unpredictable, but God has blessed me in ways that make it so clear to me that I jumped into the right position. As I teach riding lessons I am able to share Jesus through object lessons, through my life, through my love. Through camp I see children open their heart and their hurt and I am able to help them find healing at the cross.

On rainy days I play with my oils and I create. I love to create. I make soaps and lotions and scrubs and I write about it here. All my useless knowledge and time wasters suddenly become useful when I know I am helping other people learn how to create, too.

It may be scary, the future may be unknown, but I am so glad I jumped.



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Essential Rewards

Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection

Alright, I promised last week a post on Essential Rewards, so here it is!!

When you become a wholesale member with Young Living you not only get discounted product, but also the opportunity to participate in Essential Rewards. 

Essential Rewards is an auto-ship program that requires you to spend at least 50 PV (PV = “point value” and is usually close to the dollar equivalent) on product monthly. This is easy to do as Young Living supplies products like deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc, that you would be spending $50 on anyway. Young Living also has different Essential Rewards packs that you can put on auto-ship, like the Everyday Oils set, ART skincare, core supplements, and more! You can change you auto-ship order, too, so you can try new products each month.

Now here’s the good part… By participating in Essential Rewards, you get discounted shipping rates, AND earn credit for free product!! In your first 6 months of being on the Essential Rewards auto-ship, you get 10% back in credit for the PV of your order (remember, the term PV is usually dollar equivalent). That means if you spent 100 PV, you would get 10 PV in credit. In your second 6 months participating in Essential Rewards you get 15% back in credit. After you have spend a year in Essential Rewards, you get 20% back EACH MONTH in credit!! This is such a great way to save up for more expensive products or oils that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I am saving my credit up to splurge at Christmas time which will be my 1 year mark in Essential Rewards.

Should you choose to build a business with Young Living and sell product, Essential Rewards also offers special promotions and bonuses for distributors.

Hopefully this post helped you better understand this great program Young Livings offers.

If you would like to become a whole sale member with Young Living and start earning credit by getting on the Essential Rewards program, click here and choose your starter kit. Signing up for Young Living can be a little overwhelming, but this blog post I wrote recently should answer any questions. As always, with an questions you can send me an email at   


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So why should I become a Young Living Independent Distributor?

“Why should I become a Young Living Independent Distributor?”

This is a question I have been asked a good bit recently. The answer is a bit lengthy, and there are SO many reasons to join Young Living, but it can be summarized with this answer..

“So you can live well and save money.”

I think that anybody would say health and wealth are major objects of consideration in day to day life. Young Living essential oils heal your body from the inside out. I have been using the oils for less than a year and I have seen them relieve upset stomachs, simple colds, extreme flu symptoms, relieve painful bumps and bruises, clear up skin conditions, and heal cuts with minimal scarring. Young Living oils are a fantastic natural way to heal your body. 

Young Living oils are also a great asset if you are interested in natural skin and hair care! That is actually my primary use for them (you may have noticed if you have read any of my past blog posts!). I love my new clear and glowing skin, and thick shiny hair!!

But here’s the best part.. By joining Young Living I am able to receive these oils at an amazing discounted rate as well as being able to participate in special promotions. Young Living offers several different starter kits to introduce you to the oils and the company. The cheapest one includes 2 oils (lavender and peppermint) and is only $40, AND it comes with a $40 off diffuser coupon! If you use that coupon, you are basically getting the kit for free!



Being a little skeptical, I chose this kit to get started. In hindsight, I really wish I had gotten the “Start Living with Everyday Oils” kit. This kit includes 9 oils: Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Thieves, Purification, Peace & Calming, Valor, and Panaway as well as all the educational information and $40 diffuser included in the “Start Living” kit. This kit is priced at $150 which is a great price considering it includes 9 different oils!


As a Young Living Independent Distributor, you aren’t required to “sell” anything unless you choose to. Instead you just get great discounts on premium quality oils, not to mention being able to participate in Essential Rewards and earn free product and discounted shipping rates. I’ll be blogging about Essential Rewards tomorrow, so stay tuned!

To give Young Living a try, click here. Make sure “Independent Distributor” is selected, and select your starter kit below! Email me at with any questions. I promise you won’t regret it.



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Coconut Lime Salt Scrub

Summer is HERE! And I sure am happy.

I just got done with a week of horse camp. 22 kids, 7 horses, and an awesome group of staff made for a great week, but by the time Saturday came around I was feeling the need for some extra pampering! I have been wanting to make a coconut lime scrub for awhile, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity. 

Here is the recipe….

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

Sea Salt

Young Living Lime Essential Oil



First, mix your salt and baking soda. If you are planning on using this as a body scrub, use more salt, but if you are using it as a facial scrub it is better to use more baking soda for a microderm effect.

Once your salt and baking soda are mixed, spoon in a little bit of melted coconut oil and mix. How much coconut oil you add just depends on the consistency of a scrub you prefer. 

Once you have a nice scrub consistency, you can add your lime oil! I always, always, ONLY use and recommend Young Living essential oils. Many essential oil brands claim to be pure, but are actually full of synthetic fillers and pesticides. Young Living follows the process from “seed to seal” so you can trust the purity! This is so important, especially when you are rubbing the oil into your skin. 

I added about 3-4 drops to my scrub which was maybe 2-3 tablespoons of scrub. 

(Can you tell I’m big on precision? 😉


And tada! You have your very own, all natural, homemade coconut lime scrub. I used mine on my face by dampening my face and gently massaging the scrub all over, avoiding the eye area. My face felt incredible and so soft afterwards. My skin was also very bright.


Here’s what makes this scrub so great for your skin…

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is AMAZING. This is a light oil with a mild coconut scent. It is a solid when cold, but melts into a liquid in warmer temperatures. It is a wonderful moisturizer. I slather it all over my body after every shower and it makes my skin silky soft! Coconut oil has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties to help fight acne. It is also full of good fats to boost your skin and hair.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is an excellent exfoliant in addition to absorbing the toxins from the skin. It also has antiseptic properties to purify the skin.

Baking Soda

Baking soda will help purify the skin and balance the PH. If you are using this scrub on your face, it will really help give your pores a deep clean.

Lime Essential Oil

Lime essential oil is a great oil for revitalizing tired skin! Lime will energize, tighten, and brighten your skin! If you plan on using this as a body scrub, lime has been known to help clear cellulite. One word of caution about lime, though… If you are planning on spending some time in the sun, please don’t use this oil directly before hand! Citrus oils increase phototoxicity so you want to wait awhile before exposing your skin to the sun. 


Thanks for reading, and I hope you give this scrub a try! Post a comment and let me know how it turns out!


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