might as well jump.

2 weeks ago I began an adventure.

2 weeks ago I did something that I thought I never could.

2 weeks ago I left my comfortable full time job. I quit the 9-5. I quit the steady paycheck. I quit the job I started as a fresh high school graduate that offered me nowhere to move but up. I quit the potential and opportunities.

Whenever you leave something, you are moving towards something else. It may be something better, it may be something worse, but there’s always SOMETHING.

I moved towards sweet little girls who are absolutely horse crazy.

I moved towards my passion for camp ministry.

I moved towards my desire to be an entrepreneur.

I moved to the position of those who led me closer to Christ, on the back of a horse.

I moved into the place where God intended me to be, a life of ministry.

It’s scary, it’s unpredictable, but God has blessed me in ways that make it so clear to me that I jumped into the right position. As I teach riding lessons I am able to share Jesus through object lessons, through my life, through my love. Through camp I see children open their heart and their hurt and I am able to help them find healing at the cross.

On rainy days I play with my oils and I create. I love to create. I make soaps and lotions and scrubs and I write about it here. All my useless knowledge and time wasters suddenly become useful when I know I am helping other people learn how to create, too.

It may be scary, the future may be unknown, but I am so glad I jumped.




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9 responses to “might as well jump.

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  5. Congrats on making the leap to do what you love!

  6. Nanny

    I always think that if you follow your passion you will succeed. Success is subjective. So look to yourself to judge if you are successful. If you see yourself as successful that will come across to others. XOXOXOXO Nanny

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