San Diego

I just returned from an amazing week in San Diego to attend my cousin’s wedding, and instead of typing up a long boring post detailing my week, I decided to run with the whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” thing and let you see all in my Instagram posts throughout the week!! Here we go!!

image (22)

Ethan is packed and ready!

image (23)

A bunch of crazy kids in the airport.

image (19)

Finally in San Diego!

image (21)

The view outside our hotel in Old Town.

image (16)

Steven had to skateboard in San Diego.

image (15)

The little boys enjoyed the skate park, too.

image (20)

The view from the skate park.

image (13)

A short walk from the skate park took us to “dog beach”

image (14)

Chacos and the ocean, two of my favorite things!!

image (12)

The view from the 29th floor of my aunt’s apartment was incredible, you can see Mexico!

image (11)

I found a horse at the San Diego zoo!

image (10)

And an elephant.

image (9)

And a Jason.

image (8)

Kathryn was a terrible co-sleeper. She looks innocent, but she steals the covers.

image (7)

Ethan loves the sand.

image (17)

Wedding time!

image (18)

Kathryn looks all grown up.

image (5)

Ethan made a friend at the wedding.

image (4)

Taking a peek at the Midway.

image (6)

Ferry ride to Coronado.

image (3)

Last day selfie with the biggest little brother and littlest little brother.

image (2)

Flying over San Diego on the long ride home.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! If you want to keep up with the rest of my shenanigans, feel free to follow me on Instagram! My username is ckaes93.

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