Dear Miley…

Dear Miley,

A lot of people are saying a lot of things about you. I guess you probably know that.

Most of what they are saying isn’t good. I’m sure you know that too.

But it’s okay, right? As long as they are talking. As long as they see you. As long as they know you. 

Who cares what they say. Just keep them saying something.

As long as they talk, you are somebody. As long as they tweet, you are worth tweeting about. As long as they parody, your music is known. As long as they are shocked, you have the shock factor. As long as they blog, your fame is growing.

As long as they care, you are worth caring about.

What if it didn’t have to be that way.

What if your worth wasn’t dependent on them.

What if it didn’t matter who saw… who cared… who tweeted… who blogged… who talked…

What would it be like to just be you? Raw and vulnerable. Defenseless. Not hiding behind the smoke and lights and racy costumes. No shocking new music video or performance. No twerking. Just you.

Who is that? Do you know? 

Is it Hannah Montana? Miley Stewart? Miley Cyrus? Which wig do you wear this time?

If it’s just you, would they still talk? Would they still care? Would they still know you?

If they did know you, just you… the real you, would they still care? Or would you be alone.

Out of the spotlight. Out of the media. Alone. 

What if that was okay? What if it was more than okay? What if they really didn’t matter so much after all?

Every daring stunt, every revealing costume, every innappropriate music video will die. Sure, they’ll live on in infamy for a little while, but eventually they are gone. People move on to the next thing. Isn’t that what always happens? The entertainment world moves so fast. How can you even try to keep up? It’ll get tiring. It’ll wear you down. All of you. Your body given to drugs. Your soul and emotions given to the opinions of a cruel world. You are only human. You can only do so much before you break.

Don’t break. Not like that, at least.

What if you could be completely known. All of you. All the deep things hidden way down in your heart that you hope no one will ever see. The hurt. The anger. The past regrets. The failure. The fear. The condemnation.

What if someone could see all of that… and still care. Care enough to pursue you passionately and purposefully. 

What if they cared enough to allow you to make your mistakes while standing back with arms open wide, waiting for you to come home.

What if they cared enough to take on your pain, your failure, your sin, your regret. What if they cared enough to take it with them to the grave, paying the price for every single thing you have done wrong. Rising again, victorious over both the physical death and spiritual death. Now waiting… waiting… just waiting for you to come home to a place where you are fully known and fully loved.

He did. Jesus did. His body was broken for you and now His heart breaks for you. He sees you for you. He WANTS you for you.

He desperately desires you who you can be through Him. Alive. Transformed. Fulfilled. Complete in Him.

He’s begging you to come home. And I am too.


While Miley Cyrus sparked this letter, I think it resonates with all of us. The desire to be fully known and fully loved. The type of love exists. It’s powerful and can transform your life. It exists through death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died for us, His unfaithful bride. This kind of love can’t be earned or bought. It is freely given to those who turn to Jesus, running to His open arms and fleeing everything that draws away from Him. He died for you. He wants you. He is waiting for you.


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  1. Autumn

    I believe that was a very well said post 😉

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