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Tonsillitis – meet your match!!

Howdy blogging world!! After a little hiatus over the holidays… Well more like a period of oh-my-gosh-I-dont-even-have-time-to-shower-let-alone-think-about-blogging… I am happy to say I am back, and I’m back with an awesome essential oil testimonial!!

My testimonial starts out not so awesome though. It starts out last Thursday evening when my 6 week cold seemed to be getting worse. I was at a get-together with friends when the pain in my throat started. I was chugging my bottled water and washing it down with more water, but it wasn’t helping. I went home thinking that my cold was just returning for the most vicious cycle yet, so I took some vitamin c and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with a huge lump in my throat. Both tonsils were extremely swollen and sore. Having naturally large tonsils, this can sometimes be a cold symptom for me and nothing more. I took some more vitamin c and went about my day.

Later in the morning, the pain increased. I tried gargling with salt water, but due to an overly sensitive gag reflex that caused me to throw up from gargling, it only made things worse. So I took more vitamin c.

I decided to push through and teach a scheduled riding lesson that evening. I was weak. My brain was fuzzy. It hurt to talk. I was freezing cold. It was miserable. As soon as the lesson was over I came inside, and you guessed it, I took more vitamin c. This time though, I also took my temperature. I was shocked to discover that for the first time in 5+ years I had a fever. 101.1F. Yikes. I finally accepted that this was NOT a cold, and I was really sick. I was concerned about the possibility of strep. My whole body ached and the lymph nodes on my throat and neck were extremely swollen and sore. Everything hurt.

Finally, I pulled out the essential oils. Thieves on the feet, thieves on the outside of my throat, and a spoonful of thieves EO, lemon EO and honey. Lots of thieves. I took a hot bath with some Panaway mixed in Epsom salts. The combination of hot water, bath salts, and the Young Living oil blend worked wonders in relieving the aches and pains. After a long soak, I got dressed and applied several drops of thieves and peppermint to my feet. Thieves to fight the sickness, and peppermint to fight the fever. I applied more thieves to the outside of my neck and took another spoonful of thieves and honey. I covered my feet with socks and went to bed.

Sometime during the night my fever broke, and I woke up fever free. Who needs Tylenol when you have peppermint essential oil?? My right tonsil had shrunk down to a normal size, and the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck had also shrunk and were no longer sore. My left tonsil was still a bit swollen and sore, but had significantly decreased in size.

Throughout that day (Saturday) I continued taking honey, lemon EO and thieves EO, and applying thieves to the left side of my neck as well as my feet.

On Sunday morning, I woke up with energy. It was a great feeling after spending 2 days absolutely drained and weak. I decided I must be well enough to go to church, so I did. And I went to lunch afterwards. And I came home and vigorously cleaned my room. The next day I got up and ran my Monday morning errands, made a horse feed run, cleaned and organized the tack/feed room, and spent the better part of the afternoon/evening playing ultimate frisbee. I think I took my thieves and honey once that day.

You know how they say to make sure you take the FULL round of antibiotics to make sure the illness is completely gone? Natural remedies are no different.

Tuesday was a slow digression and by Wednesday I felt about like I had on the previous Friday. This time I went in attack mode. Thieves EVERYWHERE, soft foods, gently gargling salt water (yes I did throw up again, as I am apparently incapable of gently gargling), and drinking lots of my favorite sick tea- Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat. Today is Friday, a week after this ordeal started. My left tonsil is still a bit swollen, but the pain is nearly gone. In fact, I would have to describe the way it feels as an itch. It feels like a healing scrape that itches from the healing process. My infected tonsil is healing! The lymph nodes on my neck are no longer swollen and the pain has subsided. From my googling, I am quite convinced that what I experienced was tonsillitis. There are a few symptoms difference from strep that I experienced, and I do not appear to be contagious.

So, while I am not a doctor, I can say from personal experience that Thieves essential oil healed my tonsillitis. I was already a believer, but after this even I am amazed.

As a recap, here are the 4 main oils I used to heal my tonsillitis:

Thieves Essential Oil Blend (clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, & rosemary):


Lemon Essential Oil



Panaway Essential Oil Blend (wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, & peppermint)



Peppermint Essential Oil



And I have to put in a good word for Tradition Medicinals Organic Throat Coat Tea – and no, I’m not getting paid to promote this tea, it’s just that good!!

If you want to try these amazing essential oils for yourself, click here and either place a retail order, or select “wholesale member” to receive discounted prices. As a wholesale member, you can select a starter kit. The premium starter kit is by far the most economical option (I will write a post on the price break down in the next few weeks), and you will receive the basic oils for stocking your medicine cabinet!!


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Peppermint Chocolate Soap

I finally tried out my peppermint chocolate soap recipe today!! The recipe may need a little tweaking, but overall it was pretty successful.

I’m not going to post my exact recipe because I have spent a lot of time playing with it and making it my own, but you can use any soap recipe you like for this project!

****disclaimer: the rest of this post will contain a lot of confusing soap lingo for those who haven’t entered the (very addicting) world of soap making yet. I will post a thorough tutorial with pictures for making cold process soap in the near future so be expecting it! If you want to get started with soap making now, do an internet search for a cold process soap tutorial as there are many, many, many great instructional soap making blogs*** is a great place to start if you don’t have a recipe. You can simply enter in the oils you plan on using, the water percentage you want, and what percentage you want it superfatted at. I wanted this soap to be really rich and moisturizing so I superfatted at 5%.

What specific oils you use will be determined by the recipe you follow, but I made a point to use cocoa butter as one of my oils to make it a really thick and creamy soap as well as give it a deep chocolately scent. 

So once I had warmed up my oils and cooled my lye mixture down I began to blend them with my stick blender until they weren’t quite at trace yet. At that point I added in several handfuls of crushed peppermint leaves I had picked from our garden and dried. 

I blended in the peppermint leaves and then added a large spoonful (probably 2 table spoons) of cocoa powder. That is when the peppermint chocolate soap turned to peppermint fudge soap. Let’s just say a little bit of cocoa goes a long way…. It wasn’t bad or anything, just a LOT of chocolate.

I added about 20 drops of Young Living peppermint essential oil and finished blending to trace.

I poured the mixture into a mold where it will stay insulated with a fleece blanket until I cut it up tomorrow. It’ll need to cure for about a month before I use it.

So my initial observations about this recipe and what I will change next time–

Too much cocoa!! The cocoa butter already gives it a chocolatey scent, the addition of cocoa needs to be small because not only did it make the whole kitchen smell like a fudge shop, but it turned the soap almost black. I was hoping for a light brown color so that wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Also, next time I think it would look a lot better if I layered and/or swirled with some different colors. I’m thinking it would be really pretty to reserve a portion of soap and add green soap dye to it and then pour that in with the chocolate soap for a green/brown swirl. We’ll see…

So that’s what I have been up to today! That as well as making a few batches of bath bombs and some scrubs that I will be listing on my etsy shop as soon as I have pictures!! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow we’ll be talking about how to make easy homemade hair products to add volume to thin hair. I expect all my southern girls to show up!!


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Hey there my blogger friends! Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for a bit there. Between technical difficulties and 2 more horse camps I haven’t been able to get on my blog AT ALL.

But, I have big news! As I’m sharing all my recipes and concoctions with you on my blog, I am also going to be selling my creations on Etsy for those that maybe don’t have the time or ability to do it themselves. I’m really excited about the idea of sharing my work through Etsy, so please do me a favor and check out my shop as well as sharing it with your friends!

You can find my shop at-

It is small right now but I am slowly adding more and more listings as I am able to get pictures, etc.

Well, I’m off to try a new soap recipe that I will hopefully be sharing with you if all goes well!

Thanks for reading, and again please check out my shop and let me know what you think!

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Essential Rewards

Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection

Alright, I promised last week a post on Essential Rewards, so here it is!!

When you become a wholesale member with Young Living you not only get discounted product, but also the opportunity to participate in Essential Rewards. 

Essential Rewards is an auto-ship program that requires you to spend at least 50 PV (PV = “point value” and is usually close to the dollar equivalent) on product monthly. This is easy to do as Young Living supplies products like deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc, that you would be spending $50 on anyway. Young Living also has different Essential Rewards packs that you can put on auto-ship, like the Everyday Oils set, ART skincare, core supplements, and more! You can change you auto-ship order, too, so you can try new products each month.

Now here’s the good part… By participating in Essential Rewards, you get discounted shipping rates, AND earn credit for free product!! In your first 6 months of being on the Essential Rewards auto-ship, you get 10% back in credit for the PV of your order (remember, the term PV is usually dollar equivalent). That means if you spent 100 PV, you would get 10 PV in credit. In your second 6 months participating in Essential Rewards you get 15% back in credit. After you have spend a year in Essential Rewards, you get 20% back EACH MONTH in credit!! This is such a great way to save up for more expensive products or oils that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I am saving my credit up to splurge at Christmas time which will be my 1 year mark in Essential Rewards.

Should you choose to build a business with Young Living and sell product, Essential Rewards also offers special promotions and bonuses for distributors.

Hopefully this post helped you better understand this great program Young Livings offers.

If you would like to become a whole sale member with Young Living and start earning credit by getting on the Essential Rewards program, click here and choose your starter kit. Signing up for Young Living can be a little overwhelming, but this blog post I wrote recently should answer any questions. As always, with an questions you can send me an email at   


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So why should I become a Young Living Independent Distributor?

“Why should I become a Young Living Independent Distributor?”

This is a question I have been asked a good bit recently. The answer is a bit lengthy, and there are SO many reasons to join Young Living, but it can be summarized with this answer..

“So you can live well and save money.”

I think that anybody would say health and wealth are major objects of consideration in day to day life. Young Living essential oils heal your body from the inside out. I have been using the oils for less than a year and I have seen them relieve upset stomachs, simple colds, extreme flu symptoms, relieve painful bumps and bruises, clear up skin conditions, and heal cuts with minimal scarring. Young Living oils are a fantastic natural way to heal your body. 

Young Living oils are also a great asset if you are interested in natural skin and hair care! That is actually my primary use for them (you may have noticed if you have read any of my past blog posts!). I love my new clear and glowing skin, and thick shiny hair!!

But here’s the best part.. By joining Young Living I am able to receive these oils at an amazing discounted rate as well as being able to participate in special promotions. Young Living offers several different starter kits to introduce you to the oils and the company. The cheapest one includes 2 oils (lavender and peppermint) and is only $40, AND it comes with a $40 off diffuser coupon! If you use that coupon, you are basically getting the kit for free!



Being a little skeptical, I chose this kit to get started. In hindsight, I really wish I had gotten the “Start Living with Everyday Oils” kit. This kit includes 9 oils: Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Thieves, Purification, Peace & Calming, Valor, and Panaway as well as all the educational information and $40 diffuser included in the “Start Living” kit. This kit is priced at $150 which is a great price considering it includes 9 different oils!


As a Young Living Independent Distributor, you aren’t required to “sell” anything unless you choose to. Instead you just get great discounts on premium quality oils, not to mention being able to participate in Essential Rewards and earn free product and discounted shipping rates. I’ll be blogging about Essential Rewards tomorrow, so stay tuned!

To give Young Living a try, click here. Make sure “Independent Distributor” is selected, and select your starter kit below! Email me at with any questions. I promise you won’t regret it.



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