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Busy, busy, busy…

Well unfortunately I don’t have the mint chocolate soap I promised, but it’s on the agenda for tomorrow!! The past couple days have been busy, busy, busy! 

I have spent the past couple days focusing on horsemanship lessons and horse training projects. So far this summer has been extremely mild with lots of cool rainy weather, SO unusual for Georgia. Unfortunately the heat is starting to come out and it is ridiculously humid, and that makes for very grouchy horses!! 

We also had an unexpected visit from family early this week. It was short, but very sweet!!

Today I have been continuing to work on Etsy, adding new products and editing previous listings. You can check out what I have added at

I’m also brainstorming new product ideas to expand my shop. I have a few thoughts and I will share tutorials as I try out some different ideas, but I’m wondering if any of you, my lovely readers, have suggestions of products you would like to see in my shop!! Please leave me a comment with your suggestion and I will update you as I try your ideas!!

Thanks for reading, and I will be back soon with some mint chocolate soap!

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might as well jump.

2 weeks ago I began an adventure.

2 weeks ago I did something that I thought I never could.

2 weeks ago I left my comfortable full time job. I quit the 9-5. I quit the steady paycheck. I quit the job I started as a fresh high school graduate that offered me nowhere to move but up. I quit the potential and opportunities.

Whenever you leave something, you are moving towards something else. It may be something better, it may be something worse, but there’s always SOMETHING.

I moved towards sweet little girls who are absolutely horse crazy.

I moved towards my passion for camp ministry.

I moved towards my desire to be an entrepreneur.

I moved to the position of those who led me closer to Christ, on the back of a horse.

I moved into the place where God intended me to be, a life of ministry.

It’s scary, it’s unpredictable, but God has blessed me in ways that make it so clear to me that I jumped into the right position. As I teach riding lessons I am able to share Jesus through object lessons, through my life, through my love. Through camp I see children open their heart and their hurt and I am able to help them find healing at the cross.

On rainy days I play with my oils and I create. I love to create. I make soaps and lotions and scrubs and I write about it here. All my useless knowledge and time wasters suddenly become useful when I know I am helping other people learn how to create, too.

It may be scary, the future may be unknown, but I am so glad I jumped.



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Letting go.

I’m not going to be talking about essential oils today. Or skincare. Or cleaning products. Or chemicals.


Today I’m just going to talk about me.

Well, actually, I’m going to talk about what God is doing in me, because that is much more worthwhile of your attention.

I struggle a lot with control. I think some of it comes from being the oldest of 9 and feeling the need to be responsible and in charge. I think some of it is hereditary. Regardless of what causes it, it’s there and it’s strong.

I’m a planner. I’m a list maker. I’m a leader. I’m an organizer. I’m a creator. I’m a coordinator.

I’m a controller.

When I lose control, my. world. falls. apart.

Why is that? Why is it that when things don’t go as I planned, I am crushed? Why does it destroy me when I am unable to determine the outcome of a situation? Why do unknowns terrify me?

It’s taken me awhile to figure it out. It’s taken a lot of prayer, tears, and anger at God. A lot of questioning and what felt like lack of answers. But God is faithful, and when we are ready and listening He will always answer.

I refuse to believe that God’s unknown plan could be better than my known plan.

I don’t believe that I will truly be fulfilled and find my joy in His will.

The gospel says that on my own I am dead, but in Christ I am made alive and am dead to sin. The gospel says that I am fully known and fully loved. The gospel says there is a God who gave His perfect Son to save my soul. The gospel says that same God has a plan for my life that is wilder than I could ever dream.

Control has become an idol works its way into every area of my life and won’t let go. The gospel sets me free.


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