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Soaping up a storm…

Today has been a soaping day for me. I am trying a couple new recipes for the fall festival booth I am doing. Today I created a “double mint” soap. I used a basic soap recipe and added peppermint and spearmint essential oil as well as a few handfuls of oats for a little texture. The batch is currently hardening in the mold and will be ready to take out and cut in the morning. It smells heavenly! I’m really excited to see how it turns out.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a lemon herb soap. Same basic recipe as the double mint soap, but with lemon essential oil, lemon zest, and crushed dried basil. In theory it sounds good so I’m hoping it will turn out just as good as I’m dreaming!

I’m trying to think of some other soap recipe ideas to try. Do you have any suggestions??

p.s.- I haven’t forgotten about the sugar scrub recipe. It’s on the way, I promise!!

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