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November? Really? Is it possble that we have already entered the second to last month of 2013? Wow… Crazy how time flies by.

I honestly don’t have a lot to blog about at the moment. Life is pretty much the same old-same old, and I have been slacking on my DIY recipes to share with you! I have been super backed up on completing orders for my Etsy shop and preparing for holiday craft fairs. It’s a good problem to have though!! 

The shorter days are making it difficult to keep up with horseback riding lessons, but so far I have been able to maintain my current students. I have such a great group of girls taking from me right now and every lesson is so much fun!!

And back on the topic of it being November… I’m know I’m skipping over Thanksgiving here, but do you realize Chistmas is next month???!!! Eeeek!!! I’m so excited but so unprepared!! How about you?? (A quick shameless plug- you may find some great gift ideas in my etsy shop.)

What are some of your favorite Christmas & holiday traditions? I’d love to hear what Christmas looks like in your home!!

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