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might as well jump.

2 weeks ago I began an adventure.

2 weeks ago I did something that I thought I never could.

2 weeks ago I left my comfortable full time job. I quit the 9-5. I quit the steady paycheck. I quit the job I started as a fresh high school graduate that offered me nowhere to move but up. I quit the potential and opportunities.

Whenever you leave something, you are moving towards something else. It may be something better, it may be something worse, but there’s always SOMETHING.

I moved towards sweet little girls who are absolutely horse crazy.

I moved towards my passion for camp ministry.

I moved towards my desire to be an entrepreneur.

I moved to the position of those who led me closer to Christ, on the back of a horse.

I moved into the place where God intended me to be, a life of ministry.

It’s scary, it’s unpredictable, but God has blessed me in ways that make it so clear to me that I jumped into the right position. As I teach riding lessons I am able to share Jesus through object lessons, through my life, through my love. Through camp I see children open their heart and their hurt and I am able to help them find healing at the cross.

On rainy days I play with my oils and I create. I love to create. I make soaps and lotions and scrubs and I write about it here. All my useless knowledge and time wasters suddenly become useful when I know I am helping other people learn how to create, too.

It may be scary, the future may be unknown, but I am so glad I jumped.




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