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My Favorite EVERYTHING Cleaner!!

photo (1)After several tries, I think I have nailed an EVERYTHING cleaner recipe that is easy and works for me!! By everything, I mean everything!!! Windows, sinks, counters, bathtubs, walls…. the list goes on and on.

I was using a vinegar/water/essential oil mixture as my all-purpose cleaner and a separate cleaner with alcohol for windows and mirrors, but that seemed like a waste when the alcohol will just add to the cleaning and disinfectant power of the all-purpose cleaner! There’s some debate on the safety of using alcohol, so if you have an issue with using it just make up the difference with water and in my experience it will still get the job done.

The best part is, you should have all these ingredients on hand already! It’s so easy!!


Mix equal parts of water, rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Add about 10 drops of essential oil (see below for suggestions) and a squirt of Dawn dish detergent.

Shake… spray… wipe… breathe in the aroma from the essential oils and stand in awe of your super clean… EVERYTHING!!!

This has given me the best streak free shine on every window and mirror I have tried it on, as well as cut through lots of greasy grime on counter tops. The addition of essential oils totally cuts the vinegar smell and adds to the cleaning power.

There are so many options when it comes to essential oils to add. Here’s a few recommendations…

Tea Tree Oil is great for killing germs and disinfecting. It has a pretty strong odor that people either love or hate it seems. As for me, I tolerate it! Either way, it’s great for safe disinfecting.

Lemon Oil and Orange Oil are great cleaning citrus oils. I can’t get enough of the citrus smell and how CLEAN everything smells when I’m done!! They are both great at cutting grease, and you get some germ killing benefits with the lemon as well.

Peppermint Oil is another germ killing oil. It sure makes thing sparkle and shine, as well as leaving a fresh minty scent! As an added bonus, it’s a natural pest deterrent. Apparently they don’t like the scent as much as I do.

 These are just a few of the many oils you can use to clean your home. There are some people who use nothing but water and essential oils to clean, they are that powerful!

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