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Homemade Dry Shampoo- Final Post of Thin Hair Solutions

Alrighty guys, we’re back for one more day of thin hair solutions and today we are going to talk about my newest discovery… homemade dry shampoo powder!!


I’m sure you have seen all the dry shampoos on the market, and maybe you have even tried some of them. It’s a pretty cool idea to have a product that can absorb grease and odor without needing to suds up. These products are also great for adding body and volume to wilting hair. But, as with most body products, I am a huge skeptic of the safety of the ingredients used. I also hate spending money on something I can make myself for so much less!

So I searched the internet for recipes and found a lot of different varieties. Today I’m going to give you a recipe for the most basic form of homemade dry shampoo. You can play with it and try adding different ingredients or substituting different things, so have fun!

Homemade Dry Shampoo


Baking Soda

Essential Oil

Fill a small jar or shaker (I use a salt shaker) most of the way with cornstarch. I do a lot of eyeballing. Like, I eyeball everything. So if you need specific measurements… let’s just say 4 tablespoons of cornstarch. 

Then you are going to add your baking soda. Again, I eyeball. I just fill the jar the rest of the way. It’s probably around 1.5 tablespoons.

Now, add your Young Living essential oils. You can totally tweak this to your liking. If you check out my last post on sea salt spray you can find some good suggestions on specific oils and what they do for your hair/scalp. I use lavender, tea tree, grapefruit, and clary sage in mine. It smells so good!!

Now that all your ingredients are added, simply cover and shake to blend it all together. 

To use, either sprinkle from a shaker or use a makeup brush to brush through greasy roots. Just a light sprinkling of powder will do and you can use your fingers to work through your roots and onto your scalp to absorb the oil. Simply use a hair brush to brush the powder out and you are ready to go!! 

It is amazing how this powder instantly soaks up the oil, the baking soda deodorizes, and the essential oils soothe the scalp and add shine to your hair. It seems to good to be true, but it’s legit!! And as I said earlier, you can totally tweak this recipe and try different ingredients in it. Arrowroot powder is another good powder to soak up the oils, and you can also use some different varieties of clays. There are a LOT of possibilities, so do some research and let me know what you come up with!!

**psssst….. I know a lot of you are super busy and live very full lives, so if finding the time to try this recipe is a little out of reach for you, I do sell this product in my etsy store. Check it out here**

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Sea Salt Spray

I hope everyone is having a lovely day today! It’s rainy here which puts a damper on my horse work but is also my favorite blogging and crafting weather.

Are you ready for post 2 on hair volume tips and tricks? I am! Here we go…

-Use your blow dryer effectively. I used to spend wayyy too much time blow drying my hair after getting out of the shower only to have heat damaged hair and very sore arms. As my hair got longer and it took even more time to dry I knew something had to change. So I stopped blow drying it to find out my hair tends to weigh itself down a lot and dries pretty limp. So I found a very happy in between that doesn’t require frying my hair or losing volume!

Whenever I shower, I leave my hair in a towel as I get dressed, do my make up, brush my teeth, etc. Once I’m done with all of that my hair is about halfway dry. I let my hair down, get out my blow dryer, flip my head over, and blow dry my hair upside down for 5 minutes max.

Blow drying it upside down gives my hair the volume it needs, and waiting until it is partially dried makes the process so much easier! It usually isn’t 100% dry when I am done with my blow dryer, but I’m not really wanting it to be DRY, just to have some lift. I let it air dry the rest of the way.

So after I have flipped my head right side up, I shake my hair out (I usually resemble a very large feline… think lion king) to soften it up. I style my bangs and loosely run a flat iron over the pieces of hair around my face if necessary.

That is usually all I do on the day I shampoo my hair and it works pretty consistently. 

On day 2 after shampooing, my hair is getting just a tad greasy and starting to go wet noodle on me. That’s when I know it’s time to bring out the salt water spray….

My hair loooooves my homemade salt water spray!! The salt dries the hair just a teeny bit and gives it great texture. I find it also gives my hair a hairspray-ish hold which is nice. I add some moisturizing oils into the spray to condition and add shine to my hair. 

You can spray the salt water in damp hair for beachy waves, but the way I use it for my second day hair is just simply spraying it on top of my head until my roots and scalp are damp. I don’t really want it on the ends of my hair, just from my ears up.

Then I flip my hair over, hit it with the blow dryer for just a minute or 2, and all done!

I actually like my second day hair a lot better than the first day. It has a lot more texture and if I want to curl it, braid it, etc, it holds a lot better on the second day.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s the directions for the spray!

I fill a small cosmetic spray bottle with water and add a couple spoonfuls of salt.

I add around half a teaspoon of liquid glycerin and a little more than half a teaspoon of either jojoba or coconut oil, depending on what I have on hand.

Then I add essential oils. You can really add whatever you like at this point! I like to add tea tree oil to my spray because it really helps my scalp between washes.

Lavender is another good one. It is really soothing for your hair and scalp.

Rosemary and peppermint are both very stimulating and great for hair growth.

One of my new favorite essential oils for hair is grapefruit. It adds great shine and smells sooooo good!!

Play with the essential oils and see what works best for you. If you missed my post on how to purchase Young Living essential oils wholesale, check that out here.

Let me know if you try making some salt water spray and how it worked out for you!!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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Thin Hair Solutions!

Do you have thin hair? Greasy hair? How about hair that isn’t necessarily thin in amount, but baby-fine strands that tend to lay limp?

I hear ya! While my hair isn’t terribly thin in amount, the strands themselves are very thin and any layering in my hair tends to make the longer layers look so pitifully thin!

There are many conventional products on the market for this type of hair, but they tend to be laden with chemicals that dry your hair out and they don’t even work all that well to make up for it!

I have some natural ideas for you to try that have really helped my hair. I will separate them into a few different posts so I can go in depth on each suggestion. 

Here we go!

1.) No more chemical shampoo & conditioner! I have switched from sulfate shampoo and silicone conditioners to homemade shampoo bars (pssssst… they’re in my etsy store!) with an apple cider vinegar rinse and just a dab of Young Living conditioner on the ends.

I have found the shampoo bars have really improved my hair growth and I have so many baby hairs coming in since I began using the bars. I make them with specific Young Living essential oils that stimulate hair growth and scalp health.                

Healthy scalp = healthy hair!

Also, as opposed to a sulfate shampoo, shampoo bars do not strip the natural oils from the hair so there isn’t a need to weigh the hair down with synthetic moisturizers. That keeps the hair from getting weighed down and heavy. Light and voluminous is what we are going for here!

The apple cider vinegar rinse is simply a few tablespoons of vinegar mixed with a cup of water. I pour this over my hair after shampooing to neutralize the PH of my hair and scalp. It is super clarifying and removes any build up.

Young Living has several different conditioners that are all great quality and provide natural moisture for your hair. You browse through products and order through that link. I use just a pea sized amount of conditioner and work through my ends to prevent split ends and tangles!

Hair with volume and body starts in the shower. This is where I start, every 2-3 days when I shampoo. Hopefully this provided some ideas to get started on and I will be posting the next step as well as some recipes I use in my hair routine ASAP!


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Peppermint Chocolate Soap

I finally tried out my peppermint chocolate soap recipe today!! The recipe may need a little tweaking, but overall it was pretty successful.

I’m not going to post my exact recipe because I have spent a lot of time playing with it and making it my own, but you can use any soap recipe you like for this project!

****disclaimer: the rest of this post will contain a lot of confusing soap lingo for those who haven’t entered the (very addicting) world of soap making yet. I will post a thorough tutorial with pictures for making cold process soap in the near future so be expecting it! If you want to get started with soap making now, do an internet search for a cold process soap tutorial as there are many, many, many great instructional soap making blogs***

http://www.soapcalc.net is a great place to start if you don’t have a recipe. You can simply enter in the oils you plan on using, the water percentage you want, and what percentage you want it superfatted at. I wanted this soap to be really rich and moisturizing so I superfatted at 5%.

What specific oils you use will be determined by the recipe you follow, but I made a point to use cocoa butter as one of my oils to make it a really thick and creamy soap as well as give it a deep chocolately scent. 

So once I had warmed up my oils and cooled my lye mixture down I began to blend them with my stick blender until they weren’t quite at trace yet. At that point I added in several handfuls of crushed peppermint leaves I had picked from our garden and dried. 

I blended in the peppermint leaves and then added a large spoonful (probably 2 table spoons) of cocoa powder. That is when the peppermint chocolate soap turned to peppermint fudge soap. Let’s just say a little bit of cocoa goes a long way…. It wasn’t bad or anything, just a LOT of chocolate.

I added about 20 drops of Young Living peppermint essential oil and finished blending to trace.

I poured the mixture into a mold where it will stay insulated with a fleece blanket until I cut it up tomorrow. It’ll need to cure for about a month before I use it.

So my initial observations about this recipe and what I will change next time–

Too much cocoa!! The cocoa butter already gives it a chocolatey scent, the addition of cocoa needs to be small because not only did it make the whole kitchen smell like a fudge shop, but it turned the soap almost black. I was hoping for a light brown color so that wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Also, next time I think it would look a lot better if I layered and/or swirled with some different colors. I’m thinking it would be really pretty to reserve a portion of soap and add green soap dye to it and then pour that in with the chocolate soap for a green/brown swirl. We’ll see…

So that’s what I have been up to today! That as well as making a few batches of bath bombs and some scrubs that I will be listing on my etsy shop as soon as I have pictures!! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow we’ll be talking about how to make easy homemade hair products to add volume to thin hair. I expect all my southern girls to show up!!


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